Custer State Park

We went to Custer State Park today. It was a little rainy at times but the weather was very cool. We took the Needles Highway to the park which is a scenic route with winding hairpin turns. I really enjoyed the park and surrounding area. There was great scenery and lots of animals to see. We stopped at one area and there were several people looking at something on the rocks. It was ground squirrles, which like prairie dogs are cute but incredibly annoying. This is the type of park that has animals, such as buffalo, walking whereever they want. We passed by this one on the side of the road.

086 by you.

Most of the others we saw we out in the fields.

135 by you.

We also saw some antelope.

053 by you.

As well as a few donkeys!

050 by you.

I really enjoyed this drive. Tonight we are going to Crazy Horse. I’ll let you know how it is!


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