Crazy Horse

We’ve been back from South Dakota for a couple of weeks now but I still want to talk about Crazy Horse. That place was amazing! I didn’t realize that basically the family of the man who began carving Crazy Horse are the ones working on it. I also didn’t realize that they don’t accept federal or state funding. It is completely funded by private donations.

We went in the evening which gave us time to look around and watch the laser light show. I really enjoyed that. It depicted the passage of life in the United States, and the process of work that Sculptor Korczak Ziolkowski went through while working on the monument. It was very interesting and I enjoyed it very much.

There are also an American Indian museum and you can see other sculptures that Korczak Ziolkowski made in his lifetime. There a grand plans for the ground including building an Indian university for medical studies. All of this will take a great deal of time and I will be surprised if it is all finished within my lifetime, especially the monument. Although with the equipment and technology we have today, work on the monument is probably going faster than is was when Korczak Ziolkowski began back in 1947.

The monument as it is today. I didn’t realize how large it was. Mt. Rushmore can fit into the uncarved part behind Crazy Horse’s head. Also the tunnel you see is 10 stories high!. They are working on the horse at this time and the white outline you see is part of the horses head. The tunnel will eventually be the opening between Crazy Horse’s arm and the horse.

006 by you.

An upclose night shot of the head. You can get an idea of how large it is by the equipment beside it. That is not toy!

045 by you.

This is what the monument will look like when completed. It will be a 3D monument.

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